Tokyo, Revisted

Tokyo is a street photographer's paradise. Massive skyscrapers that create harsh, contrasty shadows in daylight. A maze of small alleys with diffused light to explore. Bright at night, full of colorful lights, so much so that you can shoot at a relatively low ISO without a flash in most areas. There is movement always, at all times of day. People walking, bicycling, riding transit. Most of all, it is incredibly safe

This trip I decided to keep it simple. Fuji X100F only. With options of 19mm and 33mm converters. I knew that if I really needed more reach I could use the digital zoom feature (JPEG only) but I never did. It's just not really my style to shoot telephoto. Overall I enjoyed the shooting experience more this time than I did with the Leica M last time, but I was a little disappointed in the low-light focusing and noise from the Fuji. Nothing that a little post-production can't help, but there were more missed opportunities than I was comfortable with. It's hard to stay mad at the X100 though, it's just such a convenient, grab-and-go solution, small and unobtrusive, yet robust. I do think that the lens has reached the end of its days though. It's not terrible, but on the 24mp sensor it is starting to show it's weakness.