I am so very thankful that I learned photography in the film era. The megapixel wars, lens sharpness debates, and other endless forum topics barely peak my interest anymore. Having shot thousands of rolls of expensive film, developing, dealing with lost or damaged negatives, and having little control over the end print, I'm constantly thankful for digital technology. Having this perspective has allowed me to enjoy the digital era so much more. I'm still in constant awe of what we can do with cameras and each new feature feels like a bonus rather than something my current gear lacks. 

But the digital renaissance has not come without its annoyances and the biggest one for me it is the constant barrage of selfies. After all, the 'selfie' is not new; photographers have been taking them for decades but no one put a cute label on it. 

Incorporating oneself into an image can be a useful design element but the opportunity is easily overlooked. It's a chance add something to the stage of a street photography scene, something that would otherwise be contraindicated in the genre that is commanded by spontaneity and chance.